Cheshire Segway

£35 per person for 1 hour

Age 10+

Your experience will start with a brief introduction to the Segway X2 and you will be fully instructed on how to control these marvellous machines in our practice area. Once happy we will move you to our training course where you will develop the skills and confidence to tackle more challenging terrain.

When the instructor is happy you are able to control the Segway, they will take you into our beautiful 15 acre woodland for the remainder of the session, which will be tailored to make it suitable for the skill level of all participants in the group. There you will enjoy our pathways which are designed for a fully off-road experience. As you make your way back you will face one last test of control when you are challenged to balance on our see saw!

This is an outdoor experience, so please dress according to the weather. Dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Skirts are not recommended! Waterproofs are recommended in rainy conditions. Please wear sensible footwear as loose footwear, flip-flops, sandals and high heeled shoes are unsuitable and dangerous when operating Segways. Trainers, walking boots, and securely fastened shoes are ideal. We will provide all the appropriate safety equipment for your experience.

Precautions Informed Participation

Given the type of activity, Segway participants should not look at it as a ride or theme park type experience, it is an activity in line with rock climbing, mountain biking or abseiling. Consequently all participants wishing to take part in the activity must assess the risks involved. We help you do this via our registration process where the participant can read our documentation and inform themselves.


The principle of competence applies to both equipment and personnel and requires they are of sufficient quality to competently perform the job demanded. The principle of Competence requires that safety related equipment satisfies the minimum standards which ensure its capability, both for normal use and for all anticipated extreme conditions of use. In addition, all safety related tasks and responsibilities are assigned only to persons recognised to have the necessary knowledge and abilities to perform them.

Restrictions for participation
Age: 10+. Weight: 7.1 stone min (45kg) – 18½ stone max (177kg).
Minimum of 2 persons

Cheshire Attractions Partnership
Cheshire Outdoors Group

Cheshire Segway is part of the Cheshire Outdoors Group